The Strength of Interpretation – An Alternate Look at Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V

Shaun Joy of TechRaptor takes a look at Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V, interpreting her in a new way others have not thought of. Was her inspiration from an old Japanese legend?

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DivineAssault 1747d ago

I love having her scout and mark out all the enemies for me. She is my favorite of all the buddies which is why the ending really had me scratching my head.. I started a new game with a different user just get a fresh start

Summons751747d ago

The ending makes sense but I just hate how they did bring it up by warning in anyway and telegraphed no warning that going the mission without X,Y,Z things done first means you will lose her forever. They should make a free update for an option to get her back because it's complete crap that one have one chance and they don't warn you at all.

DivineAssault 1745d ago

Thats what i meant but i didnt want to spoil it for anyone.. I had just got all her equipment and invested too many resources for the game to have her vanish

AlphaKennyOne1747d ago

She's great in open areas where she can scan at least half of the people there. She usually just finds a third of the base when I send her to scout. Sometimes she even sets off directional mines. DD is spotting king.

1746d ago
Unyoked1747d ago

Quiet is an amazing character