“Virtual Reality is gaming’s ultimate weapon”, says President of Sony's Worldwide Studios

Since the PlayStation 4 launched, Sony has been off to a hot start in getting systems into the hands of gamers, however, one thing they've struggled to do is consistently release PS4 games on time. Many of the firm's PlayStation 4 exclusives have been announced and dated, only to later be delayed into another quarter or year.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1122d ago

At least Sony doesn't force their devs to release an unfinished game to fix it later like Ubisoft, Who knew Ass Greed Unity wasn't ready and yet they released it anyways.

Delays Suck but it's for the better except for few exceptions. Just make sure to deliver quality products and improve.

Rimeskeem1122d ago

A bad game is bad forever, I delayed game can eventually be good

something along those lines anyways

freshslicepizza1122d ago

too many delays though. it makes you wonder if it's just poor management or trying to plug holes in release schedules. or even worse, coasting because they know there isn't much pressure to get it done quickly.

TwoForce1122d ago

@moldybread You need to understand what delay is. This is not like Ubisoft thingy of course. Do you really think making video game is easy ? Don't try to be cocky.

freshslicepizza1122d ago

"Do you really think making video game is easy ?"

did i say it was? look at a game like fallout 4. it's huge but you know what they did, they showed it at the right time. it was years in the making. the problem is we have press events and during those press events like e3 they need to show consumers what's coming. what to get excited about. where to invest your money towards the future. yet how many games get delayed before the next e3?

there are lots of games shown way too early. that is the problem. but in order to keep investors happy they have to show something.

user99502791122d ago

I would go with a a bad game that works will always be bad, a great broken game is worth waiting for.

Volkama1122d ago

Technically a bad game is bad, a delayed game can eventually go either way, and any game can be patched and changed completely lol.

One thing is for sure, if a game isn't finished in time for the stated release it costs the publisher a lot of money to get it fixed. They have to bite that bullet whether release it broken or delay it. Releasing it broken might get a little cash bump, but it hurts perception of the game and total sales potential.

Delay is the right answer for a broken game, but you've got to wonder how Sony are so bad for it at the moment. This is not their first rodeo.

chrisco84au1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I will take a great delayed game over a rushed unfinished broken game 100% of the time, not like there isn't enough to play on either system. Very few people can say they have played EVERY game they wished too without rushing to finish to move onto the next.

Delays suck, sure but broken buggy games are worse. I know which I would prefer.

And let's be real, Sony releases year round. Always something new to play every month, Maybe that's a positive result of delays.

Patience is a virtue.

never4get1122d ago

Delayed to get it Great is okay,
Delayed to Playstation 5 is not okay.
Games #4TheGamers.

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poppinslops1122d ago

You're forgetting about Driveclub... not only was it delayed - it was broken and unfinished.

Even Ubisoft aren't that bad.

Aloy-Boyfriend1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

The online portion was, but not the game itself. It wasn't unfinished. The game was pretty solid with no framerate problems nor even screen tearing. That game's performance with those graphics was an achievement. Unlike Unity, it was broken at launch-- unplayable

lodossrage1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Driveclub's online was messed up sure, but unfinished? That part I can't agree with.

And it's not like that's a habit coming out Sony's developers. Halo MCC online was screwed up for a long time to as an example.

XiKurapikaKurta is right. EVERY major Ubisoft game released this generation so far had either been delayed, broken, or both.

Eonjay1122d ago

Thats kind of the point though. They don't want another DriveClub situation. Mistakes exist so you can learn from them.

poppinslops1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I've only ever played an unpatched version of Driveclub - imagine my disappointment when I realized that the game had no weather settings, despite the heavily advertised rain feature... If you have to patch weather into your racing game, then your racing game isn't finished.
If your game is all about driving in a 'Club', but you cannot access said club, it's broken.

Farcry 4 wasn't delayed or broken, neither was Assassin's Creed Rogue, nor Valiant Hearts or Child of Light... the Crew was delayed, but the (unpatched) version I played seemed to work properly (pity it still sucked).

freshslicepizza1122d ago

driveclub had features not in the game that were promised, namely photo mode and dynamic weather but were patched in later. gt5 also had a terrible launch so to say sony does not release broken games or unfinished games is a myth. they all do but it is actually nintendo who does the best testing before launch.

ever since consoles are able to patch games that is when testing went down. now the gamers are the ones who do the beta testing.

iceman061122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Ummm....if you heard the advertisement about the weather system, you would have also heard that it was to be patched in. The devs stated that it was ALWAYS slated as an addition to the game just like the additional cars, the additional challenges,photo mode, etc. It was an additional feature...not something that was unfinished. The online was horrid at launch, no doubt, but that is not a unique issue with today's online games. Aside from that, though, it played exactly how it was supposed to on day one. That's not a broken game. That's a game with connection issues. (had it been online only...THEN we'd have a problem)
Ubi had actual glitches that weren't ironed out. (falling through the map or getting stuck in AC...internet issues in WD, etc.)

testerg351122d ago

Xi, so a game who's main feature is online clubs and released the game with that feature broken.... You consider that not broken and finished?

Rookie_Monster1122d ago

@XiKurapikaKurta 1h ago
"The online portion was, but not the game itself. It wasn't unfinished."

Then how do you explain things like Replay and Weather weren't at launch even with a one year delay?

TwoForce1122d ago

Driveclub is a great game. I know the online port was messed up back then. But the carrier mode didn't broke, and also Evolution Studios support thier game very positive. It took about 4 or 5 to patch. What about Halo MCC ? The online was broken to this day. Like WTF ? 343 update their game about 12 or something and it still broken. I sit here and wait for my matchmaking about an hour or half.

testerg351122d ago

Ice, driveclub's online code was not working properly. That's not a connection issue. The online code was broken.

nosferatuzodd1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Wasn't halo master chief collection the same has driveclub I guess people here have selective memory..

guyman1122d ago

You want to go there? MCC online is STILL broken in some countries including mine.

lodossrage1122d ago


Not only should you read some of the comments under yours about Driveclub, allow me to correct you on something else as well.

You're right about Far Cry 4, I'll give you that. But you're damn sure wrong about the rest. Assassins Creed Rogue isn't even a next gen game. It's a LAST gen game (Ps3/360 era). It's not on the PS4 or XB1. And Valiant Hearts nor Child of Light aren't even major releases. I said MAJOR releases in my comment. Far Cry 4 is the ONLY one you got right

Death1122d ago

For anyone mentioning MCC, that wasn't a Sony developed or published game and has no bearing on what Yoshida stated. Unless of course you are claiming Yoshida's statement is suddenly true because Microsoft releases broken games too. I think the big difference between the two is Yoshida made the claim that Microsoft didn't.

rainslacker1122d ago

It wasn't unfinished. The features they said would be there at launch were there.

It was broken, but that broken state came with the mass of numbers playing the game. Before it released, no one saw any problems with the unless there was a mass conspiracy by the media to cover it up, there's a possibility that they just thought it would run fine. I'm personally dubious of this, but without an open beta, it would be an easy thing to not see that the net code was not up to par on a large scale distribution. This is pretty common for many online games released today...with or without a beta.

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jb2271122d ago

Could also throw MS into that pile after Halo MCC. Driveclub was already delayed for a year so at some point a game has to be released into the wild for the stress test. Doesn't necessarily make up for it but Halo MCC could've stood to be delayed 6 month so the mp would be in proper working order but MS had to hit that almighty holiday release. I'm fine with delays that push games into the more barren Spring & Summer windows because they potentially get more buyers & we all know 3rd parties are good at plugging in holiday holes. At any rate I'd say the delays will start slowing down now that devs are starting to understand the hardware better.

Lukejrl1122d ago

The reason why they do it is because they are a company that thrives on year over year fiscal reports. So if they delay a game that is supposed to be Q4, into next year, the current year doesn't look good to investors. Better to fulfill those pre orders and take a small hit, than have a big goose egg to show. When Q1 rolls around their releases for that time frame are in line with previous years. Their investors are probably not gamers and are just investors with nothing but money invested.

blackblades1122d ago

Yeah, they need to announce the games when there 100% sure it'll be ready and not rushing for that certain date. Then they won't be so many patches day one.

TwoForce1122d ago

@moldybread I know Fallout 4 is coming out this year. Because it's very predictable to be honest. Bethesada is very big company.

Death1122d ago

"At least Sony doesn't force their devs to release an unfinished game to fix it later like Ubisoft"

Did you miss the entire Driveclub launch? The game was released broken even after multiple delays.

TwoForce1121d ago

That's online portion. Not The Single Player. Same Goes with MCC, MP was also broken.

Death1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

There were offline features and cars that were locked without the internet connection along with missing features that were being released digitally post launch. Driveclub was designed to be an online game with an offline component. The core of the game was broken for quite sometime while it underwent multiple updates to fix it.

Halo did indeed ship with broken multiplayer, but the 4 campaigns worked well out of the box. The issue Microsoft had was getting 4 separate games that were originally spread across multiple platforms to match make together as a unified gaming experience. Sony didn't even want to try it with the Uncharted collection. Instead they removed the online portion of the games.

A broken Microsoft game doesn't excuse or justify Sony saying they delay games so they aren't released broken since we have seen games released that don't support the statement.

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S2Killinit1122d ago

All i care is that when it DOES release, its a great game. That is it, nothing else.

Haru1122d ago

Take your time Sony, we have plent of great games to choose from!

LgbtWarrior1122d ago

I'm all for delays. Just makes the game that much better. It sucks too wait, but there's plenty of other games to play and experience while the big AAA titled are being polished

OB1Biker1122d ago

Delays are a common thing not just for Playstation games. The Witcher 3, Batman AK, Quantum Break etc etc the media didn't make a big deal for those delays.
There are also games released only a few months after they got announced like LBP3 or even BloodBorne.
Ultimately nobody like delays but better games released when they are ready than rushed for a quick cash.

rainslacker1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Too true. I just think people believe that it's more common from Sony because every time they delay a game, it becomes a big to-do around forums.

People keep pointing to DC, but out of all the games that have been delayed by Sony...which realistically is a small percentage of their releases, those delays caused the game to be much better. 2 UC game and TLOU were delayed, and went on to become GOTY. The order was also delayed, and despite what people may think of the actual game, it was 100% in working order. Beyond that, I can't actually recall any other games that had a delay more than a week or two. The only one would be UC4, but I have a feeling that's due to the UC collection, and of course TLG which seemed more like development hell, although I'm not sure an actual release date was ever given.

Delays don't have anything to do on whether a game will be better, finished, or working. It's just a thing that happens sometimes.

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