Rol’An’Go is a New Turn Based Strategy Title for Sega Genesis

Carl Williams writes, "New Sega Genesis games are still coming out, not as often as the Atari 2600 receives them but still better than nothing. One new titles that I just found out about is Rol’An’Go by Atari Age forum member, Vetea. What is unique about Rol’An’Go is that it is a turn based strategy game, similar to Gemfire, a Koei classic also on Sega Genesis. Right now, the basics are solid in this new Sega Genesis game, there are just a few hurdles at this point that need to be gotten over."

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Jackhass1175d ago

Gives my Shining Force flashbacks!

triverse1175d ago

That is what I got from it. That is why I mentioned in the article that I hope the battles are handled like Shining Force.

N4Geeing1175d ago

Had no idea a studio was working on a Sega Genesis.

triverse1175d ago

We cover new Genesis games from time to time, two more new games were linked in that article. A Commando style action game and a new take on Columns/Tetris. There are more. We focus on what hits with our readers so if you want more of this stuff, share, comment, like whatever you have to do to get our attention. You will get more of it.

3-4-51174d ago

I'd definitely play this.

Needs music though.

triverse1174d ago

This is an extremely early version that does lack music and even battles or a story. All of that should be fixed/included prior to it going to final release though. I will be interviewing the dev soon and following this one as it continues.