'Diablo III' Designer Turns Tables, Judges Fans' Screenshots

For some die-hard "Diablo" fans, signing a petition protesting "Diablo III"'s decidedly new and colorful art direction wasn't enough; they went ahead and made their own mock-ups for how they think the game should look.

When MTV sat down with lead "Diablo III" designer Jay Wilson last week they talked about why the team chose to do go with the new, brighter color palette versus the older games' dark, desaturated look.

Then MTV showed him some fan-altered screenshots that had all been posted on the petition to see what he thought.

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Drekken4324d ago

Judging from his comments and blizzards track records with their games - everyone needs to stfu and let them finish the game so we can all enjoy another blockbuster from blizz.

I am playing D2 again and it is just as addictive as I remember it. Even without the long friends list.

Lyan4324d ago


Honestly I think the whole hoopla over its color palette is ridiculous. I understand people want the same dank, dark, and evil atmosphere while playing, but that doesn't mean it needs to be ever present and overbearing. Repetitive style and textures would make it bland and uniform.

JsonHenry4324d ago

It is called Modding.

Give it three months after release and they can play the game with bright pink tutus if you want.

mfwahwah4324d ago

After seeing the comparisons, I like the actual screens WAY more than the fan ones. They all look bland, desaturated, and very dull.

poopface14323d ago

and my comment said anyone singing it was stupid, and I made it clear that I trusted blizzard.

I wonder if these morons even played diablo 2. The game is colorful as a rainbow. You fight blue, green, red, yellow, purple.... etc monsters. Its in green fields, bright desert, and bright places. Just cause theres color doesnt mean it cant be dark and foreboding.

Some people complain just to complain, and they couldn't make crap better if they tried their whole life. These morons make the picture darker and say theirs is better, someone should tell these morons that they didnt do crap. If they want a darker game all they have to do is turn down the brightness on their monitors.

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ODR66 Caleb84324d ago

it certainly seems that the die-hard fans wont let go of what the liked before and certainly wont take anything fresh and new into account
of course im no`t saying that the last games were bad looking i`m just saying that i trust blizzard not to screw up their games gigantically.

Old Snake4324d ago

People need to stfu about the darkness, the game looks amazing as is

fermcr4324d ago

yes it does look great :)

Uncommon Calibur4324d ago

gamers gripe about every game being grey and tan, then when a company puts a little bit of color into a game, all they do is complain. well, if you want gears of war color in every game, then I think you are a minority in this industry.

poopface14323d ago

Im sick of hearing about gears colors, LOOK AT MGS 4 its only color is green. Gears actually has different color modes and one of them is pretty colorful.

IaMs124324d ago

I think it does look better a bit darker, but still looks like its going to be fun as long as the gameplay is addicting as the others then im down with it.. you can always turn the contrast and brightness down and stuff im sure there will be settings on the game to turn it like that...

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The story is too old to be commented.