Metal Gear Solid V: Ranking The Missions From Worst To Best


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been out long enough now that the most hardcore players are inching close to that 100% completion mark. Though the 31 missions (and one prologue) which comprise MGS V’s core game are just in fact a small portion of it when factoring in the post-game missions and side-ops, they best reflect the traditional, linear MGS experience even if, mechanically, TPP is far from a linear game.

It’s these missions that players are going to remember the most, and so it’s time to rank the lot. From the pure completionists to those just interested in blasting through the story, everyone is going to have played through these episodes before they decide to move onto another game.

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MysticStrummer1746d ago

There were memorable missions in Chapter 2 also...

tucky1746d ago

I'm sure people will get mad if I update the title "... From worst to bad"

I really hated the game :-(
Even if I appreciated previous iterations

DanielGearSolid1746d ago

You just wanna be different