GameZone: 2GB Lexar Gaming Edition SD Card Review

GameZone was intrigued by the notion of using a SD card on either their PS3 and/or Wii, since both systems support this format. You place information of all sorts on this card including game saves, which up until they had gotten this card, had completely forgotten that this is a big deal for some gamers. Going to a friend with your game and bringing the card allows you to show them exactly where you are at and possibly beat the game together. Yes, GameZone knows, it is not reinventing the wheel, but for younger gamers this is a nifty idea that they had no idea really existed.

Card is highly compatible with many storage devices, file capture, video and downloaded games, you can pretty much do it all, and it comes with game codes. Compatible with two of the three big systems. Fits into the now defunct "Gizmondo" gaming system

Unlike other gaming peripherals, you can find it cheaper, much cheaper when you start looking around. This is odd, since other memory cards are pretty much the same price no matter where you shop with only pennies difference. Looking around can save you some scratch.

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