Something’s Weird With Destiny’s Exotic Loot Drops


"It was an interesting weekend for Destiny. Thanks to a new exploit, players got a closer-than-usual look at how the game’s loot system works. What we’ve found is that there’s something weird going on with exotic drops."

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kmeck5181120d ago

I only had enough strange coins for 10 three of coins. Only got 1 exotic. Stocking up on coins this week.

pumpactionpimp1120d ago

Don't worry. I bought like 55, and ended up with 1 exotic helmet, 3 primaries 2 of which where duplicates, and an exotic sniper. I can't complain much as I had zero exotic drips in year 1. In the end it set me up nicely for year two.

Benchm4rk1120d ago

Yeah i used 49 coins. I ended up with 10 exotics. I got Suros,Last Word, Hawkmoon and 4th Horseman and armor i got warlock gloves hunter gloves warlock chest piece titan chest piece and helm.

NewMonday1120d ago

this Kotaku story is exactly what I was talking about the last few days, Bungie are locking away most new exotics, especially armor, from the Engram rolls.

after wasting hundreds of strange coins Bungie confirms it "we chose to move many Year Two exotics out of the engram pool"

DarthJay1120d ago

I was just pissed I bought a chest engram and it gave me a stupid class item when I really, really, really needed a chest piece. I hate PVP so saving up the legendary marks was a hassle for me.

Exploit or not, Bungie CHOSE to put the three of coin in the game, so as far as I am concerned, they CHOSE to have this happen. EVERYTHING they have done, players have looked for ways to be most efficient in they way they approach the game. They had to know something like this would happen. You can't introduce something like the three of coin and not expect your fanbase to not find a way to make it work the best for them.

This is one of the things that pushed me away from Destiny the first time. Loot cave happened because the engrams dropped way too infrequently and their players found a way to be efficient in their time. Now the drops are far more frequent, at least for blues, but we're getting the same stuff over and over. So what's the point? I mean sure, as a casual that doesn't like raids and doesn't like PVP and mostly just likes to fart around by themselves, I have gotten my light up to around 270 fairly quickly, but other than the fact that I never had a Suros Regime year 1, pretty much nothing I have feels new to me. And the Suros Regime was a joke drop too. A friend asked me to join their Nightfall at the end when I was 20 light too low just to help them have an extra revive, I got 14 kills to their over 200 each and I got the Suros and they got blues and all I could do is laugh

That is a joke. I didn't deserve to be rewarded like that. Trust me, I appreciate it, but that is exactly what pisses people off. I got the opposite the next day. I basically play PVP just long enough to get my legendary marks and I would say I participate more than anything else but I pretty much had one of my best rounds ever, finished second on my team and we won and I was the only person that got NOTHING on the drop at the end while some people got two items.

I really want to fall in love with this game but I really feel like Bungie has the wrong priorities some times. Now that the newness of the new content is wearing off, I don't know how much longer it is going to hold my attention.

Allsystemgamer1119d ago

Dude. Relax. The drops are random. Just by participating in the nightfall you get a high chance at an exotic. I got jade rabbit from killing a random dreg.