GoW Glitches

All's in the title folks. Pretty funny glitches !

Jump Glitch

Chainsaw Glitch

Escalation Glitch

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Arkham4321d ago

Well in that case don't forget the texture bugs. (See [H]ardOCP review for details.)

Who cares? I'd be worried if a a game didn't have any glitches.

Sure, maybe after all these--what, fifteen?-- development years the next Duke Nuke'em might be glitch-free, but honestly, shyte happens. You can trash anything if you're desperate enough. Just look at your average fanboy arguments for proof.

PS360PCROCKS4320d ago

Ok first off I nor anyone I know has had that problem, not to mention all of those come from MP maps of the game. That's weird tho

THAMMER14320d ago

I know this was not posted to make GOW look good. look of who posted this story. But those vids were fun to watch. It make me want to play GOW right now.

Daewoodrow4320d ago

funniest glitches ever!
Just goes to show, the game is powerful enough to even render the area outside the level when nobody will ever go there. Those don't bother me at all, they make me laugh! They should be fixed in the next patch.

Fuzz McDeath4320d ago

...but try and remember the spirit of these kinds of videos. The guys who made it got their start "glitching" Halo:CE - not becasue they thought it was a sucky game, but because they thought it was genius and wanted to keep playing it even after they had exhausted its intended gameplay. Same goes for these videos. The greatest QA/playtesting department in the world probably only consists of a hundred guys - so its no surprise what turns up in a game when 2 million people are "play-testing" the game :)

Anyone who's played games for 10-years or more knows that all games are glitchy, someone just needs to take the time to expose the glitches. And also, there is a long history of this kind of exploration in the community. Glitches are great, especially if they are funny (like the blood-spewing chainsaw). Shoot, some glitches become gameplay conventions (Rocket jumping in Quake II multiplayer was probably a glitch - now you do it in almost all FPSs).

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The story is too old to be commented.