Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Will Require a Steady Hand | Hardcore Gamer

It’s easy to see why as while there have been great games for the underrated system, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water showcases an interesting use of the hardware.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1756d ago

Dat immersion, though!
If horror games make you jump a lot, it'll be harder to get a clear shot on the enemy, just as if you were actually holding the Obscura yourself.

marloc_x1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

"It will be “free to start,” allowing the curious to play through the prologue, Chapter One and most of Chapter Two before needing to hand over the purchase price to see the rest."

Now THAT is a generous demo!

Maybay1756d ago

What a weird generation. The Wii U is loaded with exclusives (mature "non-Nintendo like" games also), and it's selling the way it is.

Microsoft and Sony gave 3rd parties way too much power. They run this industry (it's obvious by the advertising exclusive deals), and it'll be this way until something Wii-like happens again to shake things up.

marloc_x1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Interesting thoughts Maybay☺

deafdani1755d ago

Nope, Microsoft and Sony didn't "give 3rd parties way too much power". 3rd parties have always been extremely important in a consoles' success.

Why do you think NES and SNES and PS1 and PS2 were so damn successful? Because they had very strong third party support, along with their own exclusives.

The Wii was the exception for this rule.

And this is why the Wii U isn't doing so well, despite having A LOT of awesome exclusives, as you said. The lack of proper third party support hurts big time.

Maybay1755d ago

@ Thanks Marloc!

Looking back, you're right. It's just a weird situation having the console with (arguably) the best exclusives, selling so bad.

benji1011755d ago

I have to argue that at the time of the snes and the nes there was not much competition games were cheap during the nes period and snes games were pretty rare in the UK. PS1 was the first true cd games console. Piracy pushed sales
The PS2 was a cheap dvd player.
Third party support was a bit of a myth because the gamecube had third party support and sold as badly as the wii u until it was reduced to $50 a console.

LgbtWarrior1756d ago

Already got my eshop money on the store can't wait. Understand why its digital only. Doesn't sell enough in the states to warrant a full disc production. Expensive. hopefully enough people buy it and support it so future releases can come over here more often

benji1011756d ago

It is a great game I finished it in Japanese twice.