Why Franchise Annualization Needs to Stop

Brandon Batista writes: "Receiving a sequel to a series you love every year sounds like a pretty good deal, that is, until you realize what that means for the quality of the product. Video game annualization isn’t driven by creative desires; it’s purely business. Why put out one fantastic Call of Duty game every couple of years when you can put out one decent-to-mediocre game every year and make the big bucks quicker?"

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crazychris41241123d ago

I wish they would take breaks but as long as they make millions in profit they are not going to stop.

GNCFLYER1123d ago

Yeah, I quit buying madden during the ps2 days.

freshslicepizza1123d ago

it's pretty sad you have some publishers like activision who creates multiple teams so they can have a call of duty every year instead of investing in new ip's those other studios could be working on. but yeah, it's all about maximizing profits.

Summons751123d ago

Worse off, Activision has been known to buy studios just for the purpose of forcing them to cancel everything and only make COD games or dlc. It's sickening.

GNCFLYER1123d ago

Also remakes are getting out of hand. I was happy to see a few of the bigger titles get remakes but I feel like it's taking away from new gen games.

Remake something from ps1 Era so it's more than just updated gfx.

Sorry, off topick

GreetingsfromCanada1123d ago

I'm all right with it, in some cases. Ubisoft has been very willing to make new IPs, unlike Activision.

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