Destiny’s 2.0.0 Patch May Just be the Greatest Video Game Update of All-Time

EB: Destiny and its latest expansion The Taken King are now running on the build of the game, but it’s the 2.0.0 patch that released a few weeks ago that may be the greatest video game update of all-time. Most of the time a video game patch fixes a bug, or tweaks a few settings to make the overall experience slightly better, but when it comes to Destiny’s 2.0.0 patch, it literally changed the entire gameplay experience for the better.

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SourtreeDing1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

its up there with the Diablo 3 updates and also the Witcher 3 updates

VerdicLinwe1219d ago

It is ignorant posts like this that blow my mind. Really? This individual obviously never played any MMO's on PC. Updates this large and far larger are common place in that genre. When things do not work, a *concerned* developer will go back over time and completely redefine the entire user experience. This is one of those things that the console space is just starting to see in the age of connected boxes.

Though, even console wise there have been far better and far larger "updates". Final Fantasy XIV was redefined into "A Realm Reborn". Indicating a massive turning point for Square Enix's MMO division.

joab7771219d ago

Mmo's do this all the time. And to this day, I get excited when they come, even though they always bring an entire new set of issues.

FamilyGuy1215d ago

The original FF14 was never released on console, it was "A Realm Reborn" from the first moment it ever reached its console debut.

Knushwood Butt1219d ago

Don't really understand this.

For me, that has the previous DLC but not TTK, all this patch did was make the game pointless. Even Eris Morn no longer offers bounties so I don't think there's any way to rank up with her. I don't even seem to be able to get blue year 2 drops...

So it really is a case of pay up for TTK or go play something else. Snake, Snaaaaake!!!

JWiLL5521219d ago

I don't know why anyone would continue to play Destiny without TTK to be honest.

That said, the update made PVP great again. So I'm pretty damn happy with it.

Title is clickbaity though, definitely.

Knushwood Butt1217d ago

I agree, unless they are new to the game.

Mehmeh1219d ago

"Greatest video game update of all-time" huh?

Wow thats just.. wow.. gg author