Shuhei: Sony Has “Many” Unannounced PlayStation VR Games, “Almost All” JP Publishers Working on VR

Scheduled to launch in the first half of 2016 for PlayStation 4, with a price like a new gaming platform, Shuhei revealed that PlayStation VR has “many” games Sony has yet to announce when asked about their software support for the device.

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AizenSosuke1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Damn PSVR is the future folks confirmed!

Almost all JP devs are working on it damn man VR is a step to the future for gaming.

lxeasy1123d ago

Don't know about the future, I think its best if we just wait and see if the games are actually fun. This isn't a dig at Xbox but many thought Kinect was the future.

excaliburps1123d ago

Not a dig. Even I thought Kinect was the future. It was exciting using it at first, but it's actual function was so limited that it was useless for games.

lxeasy1123d ago

@excaliburps right. Don't get me wrong some games actually work great on it like Dance Central or Gunslinger but I always thought it shined more as a way to Skype. Or record gameclips, join partys etc...That's what I use mine for specifically,

amiga-man1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Comparing VR to kinect is as flawed as people comparing it to 3D TV,
VR will give a unique experience to far more than just gaming, Film, Education, medicine, money is being poured into it's development from all sorts of tech companies for a reason

VR is coming and it's here to stay, mark my words

Major_Glitch1123d ago

Ugh...Kinect. I remember people boasting that Kinect was the future. Some people did it both last gen AND this gen. Funny how that worked out.
OT: VR gaming does intrigue the crap out of me and I'll definitely be keeping tabs on it, but let's not fall into the same trap of overhyping something like people did with Kinect and are now doing with "cloud" computing.

indyman77771123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I agree, but mostly it was Microsoft and Me(I, me, and at least a few other xbox fans). This is a little different. With almost all JP develops in it sounds like it is more than that. disclaimer, okay I'm a PS4 fan this gen even though I have both systems.

On a side note anyone willing to bet if the exception to 'almost all' would include Konami :) My reasoning is they are concentrating on mobil. And I think this will require a PS4.

zeuanimals1123d ago

Why do people put Kinect and VR on the same pedestal? Kinect didn't do much to enhance people's gaming experiences, it just diverted and distorted it. You can't play complex games with complex control schemes solely using the Kinect, it has to be paired with a controller for that. When devs did that, the Kinect was relegated to voice commands or simple gestures that could easily be done with normal button commands meaning the bulk of what Kinect is was not being used due to how little it did for traditional gaming.

VR is not that. It adds to the experience by making you feel like you're there which is a huge breakthrough. If you don't understand how that's a big deal, imagine looking at a picture of a beautiful snow covered landscape, now imagine actually being there. There's quite a difference. Sure, you're not actually there with VR but if the VR's any good then it's supposed to fool your brain into feeling like you are.

whothedog1123d ago

Who really thought Kinect was the future of gaming.

Septic1123d ago

VR is the holy grail of what we imagined to be the future of gaming so its far from the same as Kinect.

I have high hopes for it.

kenwonobi1123d ago

Huge difference. Kinect is a controller essentially. Vr is a way of playing a game completely different. Its not on screen anymore. You are in the environment.

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excaliburps1123d ago

Hope a lot of them are core games. if the price is good, and there are core games, then this could be a new industry standard. Provided people don't get nausea and whatnot.

Fro_xoxo1123d ago

This VR stuff doesn't excite me..
Keeping my expectations low..
Let's see if they can wow me..

I suppose there are certain games that would be really neat to play using VR for example: NO MANs SKY. .

S2Killinit1123d ago

wow. its so exciting to be a gamer right about now.

MegaRay1123d ago

Almost all JP publishers make PS3/PS Vita versions along with the PS4 version of their games, and you want me to believe they're making VR exclusive games? yeah right.

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