The Taken King is the Game Destiny Should Have Always Been

The Taken King isn’t perfect, yet it infuses new life into Destiny in such a way that this Guardian is very hopeful for the future indeed.

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Nitrowolf21749d ago

I absolutely agree at first when I was playing this expansion I was a bit disappointed with how short the story was but I started getting into some of the NPC's quest lines and the story is so much better now there's so much more going on a lot of dialogue and it just feels a lot better actually playing the game

Do you mind that this is only for the new content as the old stuff is pretty much the exact same thing aside from better RNG and Nolan North voice

Neonridr1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

My problem is that if you were already up to speed with all the expansions to this point, then there really is no reason to go back and play the earlier content, unless you really want to find all the exotics from year one. This new expansion makes all weapons and guns from the previous stuff obsolete.

Not only that, but they haven't seemed to address the problems that if you take year two gear and weapons and go back and do a year one raid or strike, there is no level adjusting. So basically you can walk in and wreck everything.

Nitrowolf21749d ago

They actually added incentives to go back and play some of the old strikes they have exclusive legendary gears from boss drops now but you do bring up a very valid point about the level scaling or lack of

Avernus1749d ago

From what I see, I have to agree. For me though, it's too late. I moved on a while back. I actually liked Destiny pvp, but the meta that should have been fixed months ago, turned me off.

Good update for Destiny players though.

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realplu1749d ago

But this way they can get $140 for it. I stopped at $80.

pompombrum1749d ago

It's a real shame the quality of the original game didn't match TTK. After the initial launch, for Destiny to have survived and even thrived with TTK's launch shows just how great the core gameplay mechanics really are. I honestly think if the whole Destiny experience was closer to TTK, they really would have made a COD killer.

Audiggity1749d ago

Sounds like I jumped off the wagon way too early... but I don't have the time nor the patience to wait for an expansion pack that sounds a lot like a user-funded patch :)

It's a shame, I loved the mechanics, just couldn't handle the grind/repetition.

Oh well. Either way, Destiny is a totally different game/audience that COD for the most part. Not sure it would have ever killed it, even if it was perfect out of the box.

Though that would be fantastic if Bungie or some other top dev DID develop a COD killer, perhaps a fast paced shooter that requires an IQ higher than your age to excel at. As opposed to the current COD situation where it's reflex only and 0 strategy.

A blend of equal parts Battlefield (back when it was good/bug-free) and Destiny perhaps... That'd be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.