GameZone: SIREN: Blood Curse Review

While far from perfect, SIREN for the PS2 was a pretty frightening entry to the survival horror genre, offering up some authentically harrowing moments and chilling sense of ambience. Now, Sony is revisiting the SIREN universe with a new PS3 entry, SIREN: Blood Curse. This time around, Sony is taking a somewhat different approach, releasing the game via downloadable episode packs on PlayStation Network.

The game does a good job of taking advantage of the episodic system, dividing the experience between seven different characters experiencing the events of the first game. While the narrative works well, there are a few issues with the gameplay including some overly linear moments, a lot of handholding from the game's mission structure, and some generally weak dialogue. Still, the game does provide some exceptionally frightening moments, and is worth a look from survival horror fans looking for something scary for their PS3.

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