How Video Games Saved My Life

Why do you play video games?” is a question that I got a lot growing up, and one I still get even now. It’s funny, because despite the phrasing being different, the real question that no one directly asked was always the same: “Why do you waste your time playing video games?” It was a common view when I was little that video games were good-for-nothing, and that anyone that spent their waking hours playing them must be a “loser,” and a person with nothing better to do than to just burn their hours away with meaningless pictures on a screen. My parents would press this issue a lot when I was younger, as did many of my friends and classmates, because video games were just a pastime like television. It wasn’t cool to say that you did it, it wasn’t useful to anyone, it wouldn’t lead to a job, and so therefore what was it good for? I just accepted as a fact of life that as long as I would want to play them I would get nowhere in life. That was the “truth” that was burned into me over years of people telling me to quit them.

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eyoung251757d ago

Very inspirational piece. Glad something good was able to come with gaming in your life.