Snag Or Gag: Vagrant Story

GE writes: "The year was 2000, and I had Square Soft fever. Final Fantasy VII and VIII spoiled me and set the bar high for other games. Anticipation was excruciating; everyday felt like an eternity until the release date. My dad drove around to seven stores and found nothing; they didn’t even stock it, and I felt as if all my waiting was for nothing. As we stopped by the local Kroger (grocery store), I went to their video rental place at the time to see if they had any new movies and in their video game section, there it was, waiting for me. I felt like Indiana Jones finding a treasure; the skies opened and the angels sang. Vagrant Story.

Spoilers ahead."

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eyeDEVOUR1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

This game is amazing.. I recommend playing on vita so you can customize the controls(mainly the camera)...

Ive only completed about 75% of the story and this article gave away a huge fμ€king be aware!!!

Gameplay is great. If you take fallout2's camera view(but with a manual camera control) then throw in the v.a.t.s system then take the souls series weapon customization and setting and you end up with Vagrant Story...

oh and add a touch of "ico" in there as well!!!