Rumor: PS2 Game Siren Spotted in PS4’s Live From PlayStation

First posted on Reddit, then noticed by members on NeoGAF with the caveat that it could be a fake, a user uploaded a PlayStation 4 screenshot that appears to show the PlayStation 2 game Siren being livestreamed on PS4.

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AizenSosuke1215d ago

Siren? Hell yeah!! hopefully this is true!

TomShoe1215d ago

NBA Street Vol. 2.


KwietStorm1215d ago

Aw man why did you have to do that


I reminisce, I reminisce...

timmyp531215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Having all the episodes of Blood Curse tempted me to get a PSNow subscription. I want to play the yakuza games again but may just wait for Yakuza 1 remake.

PS2 BC would def be welcome.

AizenSosuke1215d ago

Agreed my friend PS2 BC would be the best!

himdeel1215d ago

Siren: BC was the scariest game on PS3.

Ron_Danger1215d ago

You guys talking about PS2 BC made me remember this article from 2013:

Sony has a patent to add trophies to PS2/1 games.

HighResHero1215d ago

Another vote for PS2 BC here(NO download).
For now I can play them on my PC... or PS2.
Would love it if they added a PS2 emulator to a future update though ;x

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Concertoine1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

These games were brutal hard but they were also very unique and i'd love to see the atmosphere of red skies and raining blood reimagined on ps4.

I remember seeing a rumor of Siren on a russian retailer. It seems like such a strange thing to see such an obscure series in a retailer "leak".

AizenSosuke1215d ago

Yep loved it as kid and going to love now if true.

miyamoto1215d ago

From the game maker of Silent Hill and Gravity Rush?

NarooN1215d ago

Yep, Keiichiro Toyama.

AndrewLB1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Now it's definitely going to be called the ReplayStation 4.

Uh... false alarm everyone. The screenshot is fake. They updated the story.

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excaliburps1215d ago

Only news that can make this better? A new PS4 Siren game! Do it, Sony!

gangsta_red1215d ago

I agree, love the Siren games.

ziggurcat1215d ago

it does say PS2... so maybe BC? probably not, though :(

Agheil1215d ago

Replicating the PS2 isn't like replicating / emulating the Cell from the PS3. I wouldn't be surprised if was but then again, it would destroy the whol purpose of PSNow but again, you can't play PSNow games and Livestream at the same time. Anyways, I need time splitters back me life, anyone else feel the same ? Hahah

Ron_Danger1215d ago

I'm a huge Timesplitters fan also... Did you know about this??

Coming to PC & PS4:

Immorals1215d ago


Timesplitters Rewind is coming to Xbox One as well

Mr Logic1215d ago


What are you talking about? The only games on PS Now are PS3 games. Yes, they talked about bringing older gen titles, but it hasn't happened so doesn't matter. PS3 BC would cannibalize PS Now $$$, but not PS1 and PS2 games. If anything they'll just start making money from the 25M+ PS4 owners out there who have money to buy PS1 and PS2 classics on the PS Store.

snoopgg1215d ago

Yeah been waiting for a Timesplitters revive for awhile now.

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LonDonE1215d ago

Hell yes!!! siren bloodcurse on ps3 was scary as hell and felt like a true survival horror game.
I would love a siren vr game, hell even a standard ps4 siren game would be epic!

HighResHero1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Until then, the prospect of SOMA making it to Playstation VR seems promising.

PS. Imagine a multiplayer co-op horror game you could play with your friends.

Summons751215d ago

Hopefully we can just redownload the ones be bought on Ps3... if this is true of course.

SliceOfTruth8881215d ago

Everyone thinking disc BC better get their disappointed faces ready. This is going to be digital only and i welcome it

DragoonsScaleLegends1215d ago

If it's digital I expect to see around the same amount of games the PS3 received digitally which was less than 100 out of what 2000+ PS2 games. If it's not full emulator disc support it will be disappointing.

SoapShoes1215d ago

I don't see why not both. PS2 discs are becoming more expensive and rare... Most people wanting to replay those games would just buy digital anyway since most haven't kept their games.

nitus101215d ago

I have over sixty PS2 titles and even though I have a backwards compatible PS3 (Software and hardware emulation) three games fail between 5 and 10 hours in.

The problem with PS2 and also PS1 disks is that they don't have the special coating that the Bluray disks have so you have to be very careful not to scratch the CD and DVD disks.

One plus that PS1 and PS2 games have over PS3 games is that they are allot smaller data wise, this makes downloading them less of a disk hog than downloading PS3 games if the PS4 had backwards compatibility.

Retroman1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

@ slice of truth

how can you welcome something you can't see or touch dude ?? how can anyone be brainwash in buying anything digital.
who want to live in a digital world??

not me

KwietStorm1215d ago

Because It's just a videogame. Can't see or touch LOL I don't care it's just a game. Brainwashed into buying anything digital? Get the entire **** out of here with the dramatics. So I'm supposed to have missed out on the countless great games over the last 10 years just because they were only available digitally? For what? To serve what purpose?

paul-p19881215d ago

I never understand this alarmist stance by people who own either a current gen console or a PC (I am just assuming you own at least one of them, if not then this is aimed at other people with the same opinion as you).

Whenever you buy a new PS4 or Xbox One game you put the disc in the drive, physical so far, but it then installs THE ENTIRE GAME to the HDD, no longer physical. At this point the only reason for the disc is for the console to look at it and then say to itself 'yes, you bought that game, now time to find all these files on the HDD, ignoring the disc, and play the game', or to take up valuable space in a cupboard... You don't get anything additional for buying physical anymore unless you get the collectors edition, most games don't even come with an instruction manual anymore as they include the full instruction manual as a digital file that is installed on your HDD as mentioned above.

PC has even less physical than console, and they love it. You either buy from Steam or similar stores, download a file and enjoy. The physical releases they get either install the full game and the disc is just there for validation, or in the case of I think it was MGS5, is just a launcher to Steam that downloads the game anyway.

Also, this point "how can you welcome something you can't see or touch dude ??" always makes me laugh. If people want physical always, which I can appreciate people have differing opinions, but buy their games from Amazon etc with DIGITAL MONEY, watch videos on Youtube (That's all DIGITAL! No physical file for you to touch there!) or even something like coming to N4G, why not read a games mag instead of coming to a load to code on a server you can't touch?!

I went full digital on my PS4 and Vita and haven't looked back. I now have more space in my house, can boot another game without hunting for the case, and if my HDD/Memory card crashes I just redownload the game from the store or copy it over from my PC backup. If my disc breaks I need to buy another copy of the game...

triple_c1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Damn.. So Sony Japan is working on The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush 2, Hot Shots Golf AND possibly a new Siren game simultaneously?

Jesus.. Sony Japan must be a massive studio.

Also, how is it that Sony is announcing and investing in all these exclusives? I thought Sony was broke???

SoapShoes1215d ago

They are Sony's largest studio.

hkgamer1215d ago

read the article, no read the description, no just read the headline or look at the screenshot.

it says ps2.

so could be psnow library which would be a waste of bandwidth imo, or native backwards compatibility.

but yeah, sony japan is pretty big. think they work on lots of projects at the same time, but they also outsource many stuff.

travestyj1215d ago

And if that one rumor about about a Bloodborne sequel is true, they may be co-developing it with From Software as well.

ilikepizza1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

They are act like you just listed anything huge lol,all of those games can run on a ps2. You are getting nothing but remakes because you idiots will run out and by Sony ports of ps3 games despite sony saying they brought gakai to help bring ps2/3 games to ps4 then turned it into a pay service. I had no idea if you owned a game you still had to pay for it on psnow,how f***ing pointless and greedy is that. Like wow Sony. Say what you want about Microsoft but it seems Sony is the one nickle and diming there fans.

Suddenly backwards compatability is earth shattering right?

triple_c1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I should just mark your comment as trolling or report your comment since you're throwing out personal attacks but instead I'm going to address your stupid jargon for the hell of it.

1. Sony is not broke. 90% of Sony's studios are working on AAA games and Sony has actually released more AAA exclusives than Microsoft has and they also have more AAA exclusives than Microsoft does next year.

2. Also, let's use your retarded logic and let's say Sony is in fact broke (which isn't true btw), but if Sony is broke and they're dominating Microsoft this generation then what does that say about Microsoft? That honestly does not make Microsoft look good light now does it?

3. A bunch of Sony's studios are making unannounced AAA games as I mentioned earlier and Sony is still developing new IP's that aren't remakes or remasters like Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo 7, MLB 16: The Show and they're also funding the development of Street Fighter 5 which are all coming out next year so idc if they remaster games or make remakes so long as long as they don't get in the way of new games which they aren't.

Your whole argument about Sony being broke and giving PlayStation fans nothing but remasters and remakes has been destroyed. Better luck next time lol

nitus101215d ago

Oh really, well before you say things like that why don't you look at the share market.

If you are interested and I get the impression you aren't Sony's shares in the US market went from US17.77 in October last year to US$25.46 as of today. Given that and looking at the trends which appear to be fairly positive Sony is by no means broke.

Still a hater has to be a hater.

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