Kickstarter Inc is no more. Crowdfunding Giant is now “Benefit Corporation”

Kickstarter has morphed into a new type of public entity that has only existed in the United States for a handful of years---the Benefit Corporation---and its an interesting role in the corporate world.

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Takwin1122d ago

I think it sounds like a good move for gamers and the company.

I do wonder how the 27 games I've backed will be effected, if at all.

I also wonder how much more we will be protected from outright frauds (which are rare) and over-sells and under-delivers (more common).

N4G3RZ1122d ago

Shenmue III was the only game I backed within the first hours of it going up on Kickstarter. I hope this change does not effect me getting the game.

kingdom181122d ago

Off topic, but I'm simply curious. If you don't mind, what games did you back?

Takwin1122d ago

I have a Google Doc list I keep with all games I have preordered and others that I might, all with release dates. I also keep a list of all the Kickstarter games I've backed with their expected release date.

And, my bad, it's 37 games, not 27!

09/14 Massive Chalice
12/14 Duelyst
01/15 Darkest Dungeon
01/15 Hero Generations
02/15 39 Days to Mars
02/15 Highlands
03/15 Earthlock
03/15 Last Life
03/15 That Which Sleeps
04/15 Dragon Fin Soup
05/15 Chaos Reborn
05/15 Concrete Jungle
07/15 Exploding Kittens (card game)
07/15 Unsung Story
07/15 The Flame in the Flood
09/15 Hard West
09/15 Survive the Nights
09/15 Shadowrun Hong Kong
10/15 The Universim
11/15 Epic Manager
12/15 This is the Police
12/15 Orion Trail
12/15 Halcyon 6: Starbase Command
01/16 Popup Dungeon
01/16 Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Plane
06/16 Little Devil Inside
06/16 For The King
10/16 Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs
11/16 Pathologic
11/16 Underworld Ascendant
12/16 Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse
12/16 Battle Chasers: Nightwar
12/16 Edge of Eternity
12/16 Divinity Original Sin 2
12/16 Crowfall
10/17 Bard’s Tale IV

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DanielGearSolid1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

can someone make a tl;dr

donwel1122d ago

Company does stuff

Gh05t1122d ago

Yay, more legislative loopholes to allow corperations to have different tax requirements.

"For the greater good"

Im all for capitalism... I hate special interests!

jholden32491122d ago

Maybe when you own a multibillion dollar company and are injecting that kind of cash into the economy, you can get nice little tax breaks too. I'm pretty sure those tax break offers are equally on the table for anyone responsible for stimulating the economy to that degree.

Unless of course you'd rather hike tax rates for our corporations and drive them off to India. But hey, at least then you can sleep at night knowing some Joe Schmoe you've never met wasn't given preferential treatment (even though that same Joe Schmoe was granting us preferential economic growth).

people get upset over the silliest little things. I chalk it up to good old-fashioned jealousy.

Gh05t1122d ago

"I'm pretty sure those tax break offers are equally on the table for anyone responsible for stimulating the economy to that degree."


That is the point they aren't... If I have a company making millions but don't say I DIRECTLY help other companies or the ENVIRONMENT as part of my core PLAN than this tax incentive isn't on the table even though my company may be helping "stimulate" the economy anyways.

That is what I mean by special interest and spare me with the shipping off to India crap, I didn't say pay MORE taxes, I said don't offer BS incentives based on a social construct that may or may not have tangible value.

"people get upset over the silliest little things."

Your failure to understand the detrimental effect of a 74,000+ page federal tax code may seem silly to those who don't care, but to the ones who actually have to sift through it, its a big problem.

brimby1122d ago

Benefit Corporations have the exact same tax requirements as traditional corps. They are simply taking on more burden in exchange for I suppose a good public image and happy consciences. There is literally no direct economical benefit to them.

Gh05t1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Touche, i guess but we all know its easier to take inches rather than miles. B Labs founders proposed taxing B corporations at lower rates to the Obama administration.

So its not like they arent trying. They already carved out the section, so now they just have to add a B corporation to the tax code.

Enigma_20991122d ago

Question.. will this fix the Mighty No. 9/Red Ash Kickstarters?

brimby1122d ago

Sorry man. Don't think anything will fix those...

Takwin1122d ago

Those will only be fixed by successful class action lawsuits, which have gained some traction recently, and some states are being aggressive in their demands for crowdfunded products and services. Check the state you live in and its AG.