Gamespot: Little Big Planet Updated Hands-On

For a title that has only been kicking around in the public consciousness since GDC last year, LittleBigPlanet has a novel approach of how to hype an entertainment product--simply let the concept speak for itself. Freedom is an amazing motivator, and at every one of its public showings--GDC, E3, Tokyo Game Show, Leipzig's Game Convention, and Sony's own London Gamers' Day--crowds of gamers and media have been enraptured by this unique product.

At a recent Sony Computer Entertainment Australia event Gamespot AU got a chance to get several hours of hands-on time with the title. The team at developer's Media Molecule is in the final stretch, putting the polishing touches on the 50 or so levels that will ship on disc with the game. Gamespot explored a little of the single-player campaign, but spent most of our time mucking around with the level creator, attempting to build something from scratch.

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whylocojay4316d ago

I can't wait for this game to be out...

cahill4315d ago

even Gamespot was also floored by this game

i am calling it -GOTY 2008

deathray4316d ago

I don't want to see or hear another word about this game until it comes out. I'm sick of it already and I haven't even played it.