PSP's Full Auto faring better than Next-Gen Counterparts

Who would've thought that a PSP game could offer something more than it's next generation home console counterparts? Well it can. Reviews of Full Auto 2 on the PSP point to being a lot more fun than the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The PSP version has a lot more environments and new content which seems to go down well with gamers....

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power of Green 4321d ago

WTF is that color on the right side of the pic. White car's are redish by defualt.

Arkham4321d ago

Why all this spare time to waste on non-360 articles, POG? Has your console overheated/bricked up, or are you just tired of kids killing you in GOW?

Juevani4321d ago

thats the 360 version on the right side(hahahahaha) surprised?? don't be lonely child.. hahaha..

Daz4320d ago

You are just sad you need to get a life and why are you downplaying the ps3 version of full auto as well what its says in the artical which is also ok.
And i got the 360 version which is ok.

DEIx15x84320d ago

You can compare the fun level of a handheld game to it's console counter part but not graphics. When the PSP starts pumping out HD graphics i'll consider it but taking an HD image and compressing it down does not make them comparable no matter what system you use!