Thank You Konami, You Leave AAA Gaming On a Massive High - Respawn Rants #3

This week Respawn Rossco looks at a games developer that shaped his enjoyment of gaming over the past few decades with games like Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Pro Evolution Soccer.

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CaptainObvious8781214d ago

High? You called acting like complete children and pretending Hideo doesn't exist high?

LAWSON721214d ago

They meant the other kind of high lol

Vengeance11381214d ago

More like, they left as a massive joke. Konami are the disgrace of the industry.

Scottyxboxoneandps41214d ago

I must admit the new CEO of Konami is a complete tool but let's not forget the great games they have created though.
It's sad really if they do move away from AAA console development. Konami and capcom were two of my favourite devs growing up and both look in trouble. Sad times.

Vengeance11381214d ago

Any fond memories of Konami are far overshadowed by their idiocy. They will fade away now, into obscurity and not one tear shall be shed.