Gamer Headlines: Gryphon Knight Epic Review

Saint Killjoy writes: The Epic Journey of Sir Oliver and his Gryphon Aquila

In Gryphon Knight Epic, a band of warriors has joined together in order to save a princess and slay a dragon. The warriors are successful in defeating their dragon nemesis and find a treasure horde in the process. Each warrior claims a piece of the treasure for their very own. The protagonist of the story, a knight named Oliver, claims an amulet. Little did these battle-hardened veterans know that the treasure was cursed. The curse allows the warrior to succumb to their inner evil, with only one thing being able to lift this dreadful curse: The amulet that Oliver now possesses.

Okay, so the story in Gryphon Knight Epic is a bit generic. However, I think we can all overlook this. The game is a 2D side-scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up, a genre that’s not exactly known for having detailed and rich storylines. To be honest, this game probably has a bit more story than most that have been created in this genre. Yet, there is one interesti...

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