Batman Arkham Knight Update 1.07 Now Available On PlayStation 4, Adds Big Head Mode And More

GS:" New DLC packs are going to be released soon for Batman Arkham Knight and, as expected, a new update has been made available for the game on PlayStation 4 a few minutes ago, adding DLC compatibility and more."

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headpress1755d ago

Omg this is so cool- I remember the old mods of the game. So retro!

Kingdomcome2471755d ago

That's neat, I guess. It reminds me of all of the zany codes that I used to use in NBA live 1998. I need them to start releasing some more meaty story dlc to justify the $40 that I spent on the season pass, though.

Scatpants1755d ago

Agreed, I figured the reason it costed more than most DLC is that it was going to have more story content, but so far everything they've put out has been garbage.

hirobrotagonist1755d ago

basically everytime I see an update about the console versions, it's like more salt in the wound for PC season pass owners. An update from Rocksteady would be nice on their release plans...

OC_MurphysLaw1755d ago

Honestly.... big head mode does absolutely ZERO for my excitement meter. I saw this and thought...what a waste of resources.

Grap1755d ago

it seems this game hit every point list for failure.

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