Saints Row on Wii would be 'too controversial'

Saint's Row developer Volition has stated that one of the reasons we will likely never see a Saint's Row game on the Wii is because the addition of motion controls would make it far too controversial.

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ChickeyCantor4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

Does any developer know about the parental lock function?
Just do it.

" At Volition we're really about pushing really good graphics "
Did he really say that XD...i suggest you look at your game again.

pwnsause4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

ever heard of this http://nintendoe32008.ytmnd...

Lest we Forget 7/15/08 we Remember.

Mr PS34803d ago

would be 'too controversial'
on the Wii
Also Graphics wise it would Be Impossible

ChickeyCantor4803d ago

Love it when people say "Also Graphics wise it would Be Impossible".
Ever heard of the word "optimize"?

madjedi4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Not have the same level of graphics yes, it would be more than likely impossible(impossible is an absolute term, but we are dealing with reality here) with the gpu in the wii is barely better than the old xbox and inferior when it comes to shaders, no amount of optimization would be able to make up on the hardware difference.

about the article
Could it still run on the wii, at a lower graphics lvl, if the devs spent enough time, money and made a new engine yes it probably would. Its not merely the graphics also ai or physics. Would the wii do the explosions right, what about downloadable content, the cpu also comes into play here.

If the airlines really wanted to it would be possible to have nuclear powered aircraft, and how many of those have you seen? Just because something isn't impossible doesn't mean its practical or cost effective. That is a better example of how it looks than that pic, it looks kinda fun i might have to check it out.

Your a wii owner since when do wii owners actually care about graphics, it all about the game play isn't it or so the nintendo fanboys have told us non wii owners.

This is their nice way of saying they don't think it is worth the expense of releasing it on the wii, because no one will buy it, like some other third party games that have.

And yes sidar, i know you will shoot back with but resident evil 4 sold blah blah, probably previous gc or ps2 owner that bought a wii also picked up re4 for the wii.

Tell me a new core third party game not an old on, that sells good on the wii in numbers equivalent to its next gen counter parts. So what third party game on the wii has come close to gta 4 or mgs 4 sales numbers, to make it fair i wont mention cod 4's numbers.

One thing i find alot more surprising is mercenaries 2 is coming out for the ps2 but not the wii, obviously hardware isn't an issue hence the ps2 version of the game.

So what is the reason, that there is no wii version, it's not like it has a low install base which wii owners are so proud to remind ps3 and 360 owners of when they get the chance to. It could be simple or it could be a damning answer, i am curious to hear it ether way.

deeznuts4802d ago

What's that rockstar game with the very graphic killing etc. Manhunt? it's been done already volition.

Ghost_Helmet4802d ago

they know this game wont sell on the wii

Ricdog4802d ago

The best third party hardcore game that sold on the wii was, Guitar Hero 3 (2 million sold). The second would be Raymand Raving Rabbids (1.2 million sold) and finaly Resident Evil: umbrella chronicles (1.05 million sold).

What i find funny thou is that there are more games that sell above 1 million units on the wii, than on the ps3.

snoopgg4802d ago

what I find funny is how so many people will buy that piece of shat console that has so many turd games!!!!! The wii sucks and will always suck.........

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