Tales from The Taken King: It’s great to be a noob again

GameZone: "Like all longstanding games or series, Destiny’s greatest problem has always been stagnation, which is something many different elements, such as narrative strength and activity variety, have both alleviated and worsened over the past year. In any case, the second Destiny runs out of content, it runs out of players. Its weekly rotation, supported by the likes of Nightfalls and raids, has helped keep players around, but even the most tenacious of grinders have a limit. There needs to be something to work toward, a reason to keep playing. For some time, Destiny came up short here. But following the release of The Taken King expansion, the game has motivation in spades."

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GrimDragon1750d ago

I beat ttk story in one hour killed oryx in less than 10 minutes I'd say we still have a problem brah.

CrowbaitBob1750d ago

Watch out guys, we got a badass over here!

Allsystemgamer1750d ago

Complete bull. It takes a few hours to go through the campaign first run through and oryx takes a while if you haven't gone beyond LL 200

GrimDragon1750d ago

No Iam serious I had completed everything before ttk came out and was at a light of 230 when I got to oryx. No one here can tell me he was hard this boss was a complete push over absolutely nothing like fighting Crota. And the level itself was not difficult at all to get to him. Iam comparing this to the dark below and no one here can tell me it's just as hard or harder cause you would be lieing. You need a raid team for Crota you do not need one for oryx. That's just the facts. I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise. Because if you tell me it took an hour to beat oryx you suck plain and simple. Thumb me down all you want and be in denial of a flawed execution of a potentially good game oryx is a joke period. And the ttk campaign is only about six short mission that's it. Why you people be lieing dam.

Tex1171750d ago

I have enjoyed starting the leveling process again and not just simply chasing exotics.

It really is a fun game now and a far cry from a year ago.