Witcher III prices continue to fall on all formats

Dealspwn: In a year full of open world games, could The Witcher III be the best of the lot? Today you can grab The Witcher III: Wild Hunt game key for just £12.96 or $20.13, which may be the best price we've ever seen.

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Simco8761218d ago

It was great. I sold my copy because the loom of Fallout 4 just couldn't put time into this game anymore.

--bienio--1218d ago

Still playing I got around 78h amazing game!! 10/10

KiwiViper851218d ago

Ye, i dunno. The first 200 hours were great, but I got burnt out.

I got past battle of Kear Morhen, hoping it was the end of the game, then gave up. Just couldn't force my way through it anymore.

I know my opinion is not the popular one.

Adamiak1218d ago

Witcher 3 - The best and the cheapest game of the year ever made. ;)

user99502791218d ago

After about 35 hours i stopped playing. Too repetitive, too much hack n slash. I imagine sales have slowed significantly which is why the price is dropping.

In contrast, try and find GTAV for cheap.

Adamiak1218d ago Show
Jag-T10001218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Waiting for it to hit below $30 to pick this up. My huge backlog won't let me buy this at full price.