RIP Konami Console Games, 1983-2015


"Thanks to the high-profile split between Konami and Hideo Kojima, the cancellation of the promising Silent Hills and a damning report that criticised working conditions at the firm, things haven’t been looking too rosy at Konami of late."

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yewles11124d ago

"Added to that is a statement by the company indicating a possible future focus on mobile gaming, along with the reveal of “erotic Castlevania pachinko”, leaving many wondering whether the Japanese gaming giant will continue to invest in mainstream gaming at all."

Other than Silent Hill, we missed out these as well...


"In addition to the first Frogger slot machines, this year’s top announcements include brand new games for both Konami’s Neo Contra™ and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS video slots"

ISHU1124d ago

Man they screwed up big time. PES 2016 will probably be my last game from them if they focus on mobile stuff.

TomShoe1124d ago

Yep. Konami is donezo. Hopefully they license their IPs out to other developers, I'd hate to see them go to waste.

nirwanda1124d ago

Konami plan seems a little doomed to fail, making pachinko machines on their franchises now may make money now but give it 5 years or so without any chance of the series making a comeback and you effectively kill any value to the product.

3-4-51124d ago

* They LITERALLY came out with a statement today saying they aren't done with console games or Metal Gear Solid.

SmokingMonkey1124d ago

"Bye Felicia..."

OK now onto what we do care about...

....What is Kojima going to do now?

N0TaB0T1124d ago

He's going to keep making games regardless of corporate meandering.

Konami can't stand that someone of charisma and calm earns their success to a 500% degree.

Shuckylad1124d ago

Wish they'd sign off with a compilation of all the classics like the rare replay.

S2Killinit1124d ago

I hope PES does better against Fifa this time around. God knows they deserve to sell more.

blackblades1124d ago

All those games, and the only thing I seen from them was just a few series mainly MGS, SH, PES. They bought Hudson didn't they, what a waste no bomberman, bloody roar. They wasn't doing much anyway.