Fallout 4 – Dogmeat & Other Companions

Bethesda writes:
Perhaps you know this already, but let’s say it one more time just in case: In Fallout 4, Dogmeat cannot die. Which is great news for all those players who would reload a previous save anytime their cherished canine met an untimely demise in Fallout 3. Dogmeat is just one of around a dozen companions in Fallout 4, including Mister Handy, Piper and Preston Garvey. (And for those in the mood for love, you can romance any human companion – regardless of gender.) Get a quick look at Dogmeat in action in our video interview with Game Director Todd Howard.

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psychosmurf1011754d ago

The thing thats really cool about this is that when the real life dog dies, the owner will still have him forever in fallout 4. Now that is cool and sad all at the same time.