The Woes of Star Fox Zero's Delay

To the people looking forward to the launch of the game this holiday season, I am very sorry.

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iplay1up21127d ago

I am fine with it. I am hoping with this delay, the textures will be improved at least. Yes it would be nice to see this release for the holiday, but if it needs work, it needs work.

I have X to pick up and I know that is going to be a major time sucker.

Plus I have games I still have barely played yet, let alone beat.

MSBAUSTX1126d ago

I absolutely agree. This should allow them to smooth some edges. Between Halo 5, Xeno X, Rodea, XB1 BC, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Yoshis Wooly World, and just got Forza 6 I have a feeling that I may be really busy for a long time. I want this game and will get it when it is finished that isnt a problem. But there is a lot going on this holiday lol. I am curious to see what they accomplish with the added development time.

maxleresistant1126d ago

*The woes of being a Nintendo console fan right now. (handheld is fine though)
Before you start, yes I'm one of them, I own a WiiU and I'm not happy about the situation.

wonderfulmonkeyman1126d ago

The only "woes" that have bothered me enough to talk about on the console side, lately, are Nintendo's abysmal lack of willingness to just outright tell people when the NX is due, and the trolls who insist Nintendo doesn't have the cash for another failure and is on the direct route to third-party-ville.

I'm not upset at all about Zero's delay because it'll end up making it a better game.
It's their opportunity to make a better second impression with it, and I'm hoping the extra time makes something more interesting interesting come out.

maxleresistant1125d ago

Me I just don't like the situation right now, the WiiU is almost dead, the news are slow and scarce, 2016 is almost only filled with games that missed their 2015 release date, we're waiting for news on the NX, for a WiiU price cut, for a "player's choice" edition of the WiiU and 3DS games, for news from Retro Studios, for news about a new metroid, etc etc
It's just this slow, painful, and boring transition, where almost nothing happens. I just want the news about the NX to start so it can finally end

N4g_null1126d ago

Looks around... the only people really complaining are the people without the system. They really want this thing to die, price drop or get the nx because it supposed to be so much more powerful.

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BootHammer1125d ago

Delays are always disappointing, but from all the negative press at the reveal, this was no doubt warranted. I've always been lucky enough to game on all systems (Game consoles to PC) and being a Wii U owner, I of course hated to hear that first no Zelda this year and now Star Fox has been delayed. Luckily between all three systems and the PC, there are a dizzying amount of titles to choose from.

2016 looks to be the swan song for the Wii U and at least it will go out with a bang its last year before the NX launches. I guess we could see enhanced versions of both these games on the new platform if it does indeed release next year (depending on what gamepads the new system uses/supports).