The Top 10 Games Releasing in October 2015

EB: If you’ve finished extracting everything in sight in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, then games releasing in October might just fill the Big Boss sized hole in your heart.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1751d ago

Potential to be an expensive month indeed. My focus is on Halo 5 though.

Kingdomcome2471751d ago

Yoshi's Wooly World is disgustingly cute, and charming looking. It's the Nathan Drake Collection, and Halo 5 for me, though I'd love to get my hands on the new Fatal Frame. Crimson Butterfly was my last played game in the series. Has the franchise maintained it's level of quality?

SouljAx3601751d ago

After playing Disgaea 5 demo I'm really looking forward to it. They fixed a lot of the long standing issues I had with the series and I think I'm gonna love it.

Automatic791751d ago

Halo 5, Transformers Devaststion and Assassins Creed all seem like a good Pickup.

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