Rock Band 2 Dates Slip Out

A friendly retail tipster sends us word that Rock Band 2 has suddenly popped up in their computer system. Better still the listings for the Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 versions are all dated:

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Jpinter3816d ago

It's not really a slip. IGN posted those dates in their update a day ago

Old Snake3816d ago

What is the damn point of it being a 1 month exclusive to the 360? No one will buy the console for it. MS needs to stop with this sh!t, it is just annoying and not fair

Nostradamus3816d ago

If you plan on getting RB2 anyways, you can get it now for the 360, or wait a month and get it for the PS3.

Its to move software units, not hardware units.

I am getting the new GH anyways, so I dont care either way.

Boink3816d ago

the tracklist on RB2 looks awesome

aorr12343816d ago

Guitar Hero World Tour is gona be way better.