NBA 2K16 Gameplay - Houston Rockets vs L.A. Clippers

We finally have a full length match from the upcoming NBA 2K16 for you to enjoy. The match is between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers. The video is taken from a PS4 console, but will of course represent gameplay for the Xbox One and PC.

gedden72807d ago

This is the company that made NFL 2k5 and All Pro Football, imagine if they were still making football games....???? EA and NFL shut that down.. Why??? Think about it.

2807d ago
Shineon2806d ago

NFL 2K5 was da shiznit!!!To bad the NFL is selfish enough to sell rights to EA, we could of bought both game like we use to

bharathwajravi2807d ago

Wowwwww graphics looks realistic...excellent...

AceBlazer132807d ago

Clippers taking it this season.

muffinbutton2807d ago

What camera view do you guys like playing with? I dont mind playing on any camera view but i prefer broadcast.

LatinGamer2142807d ago

Same here broadcast is the way to go.

Legion212807d ago

I believe it is the 2K camera angle. Only useful to see the complete view of where the action is taking place

esportsgamer2805d ago

I believe most of the players use 2K camera angle. It's the best angle specially if you're playing at MyPARK.

Earz628012807d ago

So i basically payed for the same game again. Awesome. I love $60 roster updates and bs story modes with no white guys voices.

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