Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps producer teases more 'main track' Resi games in the pipeline

Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata has responded to fans' concerned about the direction of the horror series following the announcement of online shooter Umbrella Corps by hinting there are more "main track" Resi games in the works.

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AizenSosuke1758d ago

RE7 Confirmed? please Capcom!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1758d ago

It's coming for sure. I am very excited to see how it looks. It seems instead of just mashing several different play styles and genres into one game like RE6 they are making different games in the series for the people who like action and multiplayer which is this new Umbrella Corps game and then having a bit of a mixture with RE Revelatons and hopefully RE7 is more along the lines of 1-4 and going back to it's roots. Can't wait until it is officiall revealed.

deadpoolio3161758d ago

They wont ever go back to that 1996 dated garbage...RE5 and RE6 are the HIGHEST selling RE games in the entire series...The only one that gets close to the 7 million and 6 million is RE4..They are going to go where the money leads and the RE 4-6 style is clearly that direction considering 1-CV barely broke 1 million in lifetime sales

scark921758d ago

Main track is a confusing statement for a Resident Evil game...

Capcom should hire Del toro and a ... known game director..

-Foxtrot1758d ago

Yeah we'll see

And despite games such as this one where it focuses on action and multiplayer the main "on track" game will do exactly the same.

Just like how we got Operation Raccoon City and then RE6 which had 3 stories focusing on co-op.

They have their online, action game now so there best rebooting the franchise and sticking to a single player horror story