Max Payne: The first great videogame movie?

Total Film talks exclusively to Mark Wahlberg about his role in the upcoming Max Payne movie

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Deviant3818d ago

tomb raider wasnt that bad ....xD

gaffyh3818d ago

This is possibly one of the only games that could actually be a movie, cos playing the game was like watching a movie. The only other game like that is MGS, but IMO the MGS story is too long to fit in a movie, so the Metal Gear movie may end up being bad. :(

Max payne is awesome, I hope there is a 3rd game.

metalhead3818d ago

Well I always thought this game would be better as a movie so possibly

silverchode3818d ago

am i the only one that didnt like max payne games?

mcgrawgamer3818d ago

the original max payne was a classic. part 2 was meh to a lot of people but the original was the best. and it should be excellent as a movie.

dro3818d ago

man i dont know!!! its hard to tell,we just have to wait and see because 90% of video game movies are bad, street fighter,mortal combat...e.t.c the only one i liked was silent hill.

kingme713818d ago

Proof is in the pudding. See how it turns out. Marky Mark is a talented actor... part seems to fit him.

LeonSKennedy4Life3817d ago

"Proof is in the pudding"

^^^Possibly the lamest and most used phrase on N4G.

Seriously...don't use it again.

It's ridiculously terrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.