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Intentional or not, SOMA regardless provides that example. This is not just another horror game. It’s a science fiction story with horrific shades, a game that ponders the human condition in an industry where “the human condition” has become an awkward dead horse of a phrase. A horror game that, curiously, would have benefited from a little less horror.
Simply put – there needs to be more games like this in the world.

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jmd7491124d ago

I really like Jim, but he's been giving some weird review scores recently, e.g. Mad Max 4/10. I haven't played SOMA as yet so I don't know if I agree with this score.

I no longer have the same level of confidence that I had before with his review scorings. Oh, BTW, f#*k Konami!

NewMonday1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

don't agree with Jim many times, but I trust him to give an honest opinion, and his actual review is informative, if I agree with his conclusions is something else, read his reviews and forget about the scores.

same with Angry Joe, forget about the numbers and watch his reviews they get to point.