SOMA Review (GameWatcher)

From GameWatcher: "SOMA is a truly excellent gaming experience, with the only flaws coming from your own personal expectation. If you're expecting a game as terrifying as Amnesia and without any adventure game-style puzzles to solve you might have some complaints, but SOMA is still scary, dripping with tension and heart-stopping moments, and it's easier to find the items you need to solve puzzles than in Amnesia. It's the story and world of SOMA that is the highlight though, with a compelling storyline that really digs into deep moral issues like "what makes you you" and "what does it mean to be human". In the 10 or so hours it took me to finish SOMA I was hooked for the entire experience, from shocking beginning to one of the best game endings I've seen since Portal. SOMA will destroy you emotionally, and that's a very good thing indeed."

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Sounds like a unique and refreshing experience. This one slipped under the radar, haven't seen much on this title. I hope these good reviews get it some excellent exposure.