Why Don’t We Have More Crossovers Like Project X Zone?

Jordan Writes: As more details are revealed about Project X Zone 2, it’s poised to become as successful, if not more so, than its surprisingly well-received predecessor. For those unaware, Project X Zone was a massive crossover game for the 3DS featuring characters from Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega. The game pairs two characters, either from their games or combining two from different games (with interesting combinations like Dead Rising’s Frank West paired with Darkstalkers’ zombie girl Hsien-Ko).

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DualWielding1754d ago

totally agree, Project X Zone is awesome, i would like to see more crossovers like it

3-4-51753d ago

Project X zone could be better.

They need to make something like this but make it a normal tactics game.

The fight system is too much. like watching the same thing that drags on over and over again.

The sprites are awesome in this game too and so are the characters.

I wish they would tweak the battle system to make it less repetitive or at least make the battles a lot shorter.

Gemmol1753d ago

Took me 30 something hours but I beat it, any normal player would take a little higher, these games are 40 to 5o hour games with all the difficulty they put in it.....the thing is you have twice or three times the enemies coming for you, and some missions are timed where you have to save someone a certain amount of moves so u cannot wait all the time, you sometimes just have to push through smartly and hope for the best

gangsta_red1753d ago

Not too many companies have a rich, deep and fun catalog of characters and interesting IP's.

Capcom, Sega and Nintendo have been around forever making some of the best games we played and experienced since childhood.

And seeing a lot of them come together is a fanboy dream come true.

One of the reasons why Smash is such a success.

TheColbertinator1753d ago

Some crossovers truly fail at gameplay like Cross Edge

KimikoGaming1753d ago

I want to see a Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo crossover.

It would be great. But it would never happen.

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