Destiny: The Taken King review – a new beginning or the final straw? | Metro GameCentral

All the changes and additions are for the best, and a great step forward for Destiny in general, but they come at a price – both literally and figuratively.

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Jls11124d ago

yep two reasons why im waiting till its $19.All the story missions are set in existing locations that are still predominately made up of areas you’ve seen before. That and same enemies just black and white lol

OutcastMosquito1124d ago

Your comment is absurd. Waiting for god knows when to get a price cut the may never even happen. It is full of stuff to do and having friends makes it leaps and
bounds better.

BlackWolf121124d ago

After reading your comment, I feel like I need to say something. Because honestly, this 'review' done by Metro is absolutly terrible, and they are basically using it as click bait. They are making derogitory comments about a popular gaming franchise to get more views.

1) Story missions are NOT all based in existing locations. Almost all of the story missions are in entirely new locations, and the 2 (of about 13) that are based in existing locations, give story context as to why you have to revisit it.

2) The new enemy race, the Taken, are not anything like the current races. The only thing they share with them is a vague similarity in design. Their weapon types, their tactics, their abilities are all completely different.

I implore you, don't be a total moron and pay attention to this one piece of shit review. Go read other reviews.

nutcrackr1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

The Taken Army are the same models reskinned with a few new moves. That's the entire premise of the army. I don't see how that qualifies as "vague similarity." They are just a differnet color. Their weapons and abilities are new. The review notes all of this in an accurate fashion.

strickers1124d ago

Best Destiny has ever been. Excellent changes, new areas, added exploration, and getting loot counts again. Very happy with it. I hate Metro.