Gamer Professionals -- Destiny: The Taken King Review

Is Destiny: The Taken King more of the same or does it deliver the hype? Gamer Professionals writes: The Taken King sets out to rectify some of the problems players had with the original and its expansions, but does it succeed? | PS4

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LegendZelda1175d ago

Pretty solid review. Very thorough

guywazeldatatt1175d ago

It was thoroughly enjoyable. Everything I wanted from the original version to be honest. Everything feels new.

PowerPlayaaa1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Couldn't have said it any better.

I was so hyped for this game when it came out last year,but after like 3 weeks with this game. I was feed up, the loot/gear system was broken. The lvl system was utterly shit to be honest, and the missions felt to boring. I really hated this game afterwards.

I saw some videos and Previews on the the taking King before it came out, bungie said that they have listened to all the negative criticism they received for the game and did a u turn and went back on the board to fix the hole loot/gear and level system for the better.
I must say that I really love this game now, cause the deep gameplay is there with really tight and solid control's, the graphics and the atmosphere has always been the good side of Destiny. Before this expansion, Destiny was a shitty game with broken mechanics, I really reeeeeallyyyy hated it. It was my most disappointed game in years.
But thank God I decided to try this out. Cause now, it's a very solid game with great game mechanic's, I'm so hooked on it now, my game of the year, even if it ain't a new game and just an expansion, but still my GOTY alongside Bloodborne <3

Can't wait for that expansion, it's the real bizzniiiiz haha :-D

guywazeldatatt1175d ago

I literally played everything besides the raid (well not all the quests) for this review and I'm still hooked. It's so good! And this is what the game should have always been. it's a shame it wasn't.

bangoskank1175d ago

I started playing Destiny last year but put it on the backburner. I got far enough to get the Sparrow but then I got sidetracked by another game. I tried to play again but am completely lost. Should I start from scratch?

guywazeldatatt1175d ago

It would depend, but it may be a pain to do all that stuff again. Plus, the original version's campaign is such an incoherent mess. The Taken King just makes the game fun again IMO.

Jeff2571175d ago

With the new quest system the year one missions are much easier to follow. Also if he only got to the sparrow part which is at level 4, then yes he would be better off just starting over from scratch.

bangoskank1175d ago

Thank you both. I'll be starting anew. Bubble votes to both for the helpful advice.