StreamMyGame now supports SIXAXIS control

As many of you have already learned, StreamMyGame's streaming software allows gamers to stream PC games to their PlayStation 3. The company behind this software has released a new iteration of their product that allows USB and Bluetooth connectivity in order to allow PS3 gamers the opportunity to utilize their SIXAXIS controllers to play the PC titles they love.

"Both our new StreamMyGame PS3 player and the Bluetooth tool install automatically, just download and double click" said Richard Faria, StreamMyGames CEO. "In addition to streaming games from your local PC, the new player enables games to be streamed from remote PCs or PC servers housed in ISP exchanges".

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rroded4315d ago

wonder if gears 2 will hit pc soon?

beoulve4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

latency will kill this product

buckethead_X4314d ago

If it works well. I have a feeling that it won't run that smoothly...I hope it does though ^-^

Bazookajoe_834314d ago

And then you could ask yourself whats the point.. It´s a cool feature, but i think i would rather play it on pc, if i had a pc that could run a high spec game.. Could be cool to make with some older classic pc games thou..