Best PS4/Vita World of Final Fantasy preorders

Dealspwn: World of Final Fantasy looks like the final merging of old-school JRPGs with keychain-friendly doll-sized Final Fantasy characters. Crushingly cute and bound to be populating merchandise stalls around anime expos for years to come. The game is looking pretty damn good though, so we've dug out these early preorders that offer a decent saving over the competition.

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TheImprobableMulk1213d ago

I'm probably going to get hold of this one. Strangely enough, I'm actually more excited by this than FFXV, which feels a little wrong in a way.

Hoffmann1213d ago

Same here though. Guess it just looks a lot more like Final Fantasy compared to FFXV

Blastoise1213d ago

Yeah I agree with that. Played episode Duscae for the first time yesteray & whilst it was pretty fun, it's a super odd "Final Fantasy"

NewMonday1213d ago

its like Kingdom Hearts in the Final Fantasy universe, happy to know its confirmed for the west.

3-4-51213d ago

Shouldn't feel wrong, as it is closer to the old FF that most people love than FF15 is.

Chaos_Raiden1213d ago

The adorable chibi characters and monsters what sold me to get this game definitely.

tulholdren1212d ago

I'm getting this but skipping xv. This just feels more like FF then xv does to me.

donwel1212d ago

I don't know what it is about RPGs but I feel that they're better suited or handheld platforms. Maybe it's because I own a Vita and around 90% of my collection is either an RPG or VN of some form