Goat Simulator: Mmore GoatZ Edition Review | GameSpew

Rich at GameSpew writes: "I love goats. For some reason the combination of their trendy little beards, serial killer eyes and cool pointy horns makes them ever so endearing to me. They’re also ever vilified, being typically associated with the devil and historically blamed for all sorts of ill-fortune, which makes me like them even more. I mean, everyone likes an underdog, right? Even if their head does resemble an inverted pentagram.

Initially released last year on PC before making its way to consoles in 2015, Goat Simulator did little to dampen my enthusiasm for the misunderstood beasts, despite the game being more than a little janky and portraying our horned friends as little more than vindictive mischievous bastards. It had you ruining people’s day out at the seaside, putting an end to a boy racer’s fun with a giant boulder, and even sacrificing innocent townsfolk for the mighty Satan, but throughout all this it remained chaotic fun."

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