PS4 Exclusive Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – the Whole TGS Demo Played by a Popular Singer

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection‘s demo was playable on the show floor at Tokyo Game Show, but if you want to see it better, here's a large batch of ganmeplay, with an hilarious twist.

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trywizardo1124d ago

I want to see what improved in UC3 :3

DragonDDark1124d ago

Same here. But the Collection is soo close *-*

trywizardo1124d ago

yeah , I think its gonna be a smash hit , 3 of the best games in the last gen now HD remastered and only 60$ @[email protected]

jb2271124d ago

There were some good shots in that latest trailer that showed the section w/ that gigantic door & some of the sandscapes that looked really great.

Pintheshadows1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

When they said popular singer, I was kind of hoping for the reanimated corpse of Frank Sinatra.

On topic, I want this now. It looks really well done and Bluepoint should be really pleased with themselves. The lighting looks really really good.

jb2271124d ago

"Who is this jabroney & what's with this front tuck? In my day we used these things called razors to keep our faces presentable! You call these adventures? Touring with Sammy Davis, now those were adventures!"

Tobsesan1124d ago

It's exclusive? Thought it would Come out on 3DS too, thanks for the Info. #clickbait

Spotie1123d ago

Exclusive might have been an unnecessary word to use, but that doesn't make it clickbait.

saywat2471123d ago Show