Why Destiny may have been judged too harshly

Nerd Reactor: It seems like Bungie listened to what players wanted and kept that in mind. One cannot help but think what may have come of the game if it launched with what we have today, but I am curious to see how the game evolves over the next year.

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Fireseed1538d ago

Nope it was judged accordingly, at this point it's not secret that they gutted the game to change it only a year before launch. If you need proof then go watch the initial game play trailer and notice the demo characters GT is Oryx. You know... the boss of the expansion that JUST released.

However I do feel that with the Taken King there's enough content to be considered a whole game. And with that I re purchased and am right back to enjoying it.

Yukes1538d ago

It's concerning that more and more we're seeing this very practice - content taken out of the game to be released as DLC further down the line, and then bundled in to a 'Complete Edition' later still.

I can understand the publishers wanting to make the most of the game, but so cynically holding back content as DLC before the game has even launched? No thanks - not for me.

freshslicepizza1538d ago

but the feedback is invaluable. bungie was able to continually tweak the game making it better over time. so to answer thr topic, no it was not judged too harshly because consumers paid full price expecting the game to be what it is today. it's ok to re-review the game which many sites have but the earlier reviews are perfectly fine by me.

Fireseed1537d ago

The problem wasn't them holding content back intentionally to make more money, they started the games story from scratch a year befor elaunch and as history shows, couldn't get enough done to make people happy.

Perjoss1538d ago

I think you can also see the Reef social area in a very old video too.

ChronoJoe1538d ago

Oryx is in the lore and grimoire since the original name, what are you inferring that the gamertag even means? That they were aware of their worlds lore when building their game? Wow.

Fireseed1537d ago

Having the father of the DLC enemy who would later then become DLC during the alpha stage... Think a little harder for a second.

Besides their is no argument to be had, it's been revealed that they scrapped the story a year from launch and have been re purposing assets ever since.

UKmilitia1537d ago

if Destiny had launched with how it is now it would of been huge beyond belief imo,but they was greedy and held stuff back,how can they sell an expansion which is clearly part of the game ,which should of ben there from day one!
it was the lamest £20 dlc i ever seen.

Taken king as DLC maybe but the other 2 shouldnt of been paid DLC.

3-4-51537d ago

Well by fans, it was judged accurately, but by the media, because the love to talk down about everything.

Media loves making things look worse than they really are.

Easiest job in the world.

Start controversy over nothing and get paid to lie, and exaggerate stuff.

* Destiny does have issues, but most weren't as big or bad as they were being perceived to be.

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Manubiggs1538d ago

I agree with the initial reviews for Destiny - there was not much content and you were not rewrded adequately for playing it. But they have turned it around and made it into my favorite shooter in ages. I have played nothing but Destiny since Tuesday and can't stop.

esemce1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

What there was of destiny was great but to me if felt like 3/4 of the game was missing and the crucible stuff did not interest me.

I sold it after a week once I felt mugged after finishing the main 'story'.

Saito1537d ago

Quit trying to save mediocrity, It's fun for awhile, but its just too boring to hold my interests. Not too different from Halo wither. Wanted a different feel, but was presented with the same Halo like experience.

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