Destiny Limited Edition Codes No Longer Usable?

Rich at GameSpew reports: "Do you own a Limited Edition copy of the original Destiny release? Have you used the codes for the expansion pass and Vanguard Armory yet? For many of you the answer to both these question will be yes, but for those of you that have purchased the Limited Edition but are yet to redeem their codes, you may encounter a rather serious problem: they’ve expired."

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djplonker1542d ago

Why would anyone wait this long to enter them?

Plus expansion 1 & 2 are being given away with physical copies of the taken king so it aint all bad.

kimblejay1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

The fact is the Limited Edition is £60 and it's still being sold on Amazon amongst many other retailers. The Expansion Pack is the main bulk of content, so it's a major rip-off from Bungie/Activision, who obviously chose the expiry date to coincide with the release of TTK. Why should someone who has already forked out £60 for Destiny be expected to pay another £35 for The Taken King when they already own that particular content?

OutcastMosquito1542d ago

I've been hearing this nonsense everywhere. Can you prove that TTK was already on disc?

djplonker1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I totally get what you are saying but if someone buys a collectors edition to a game that has been out for over a year they can't complain that the dlc doesn't work although most publishers give the codes a few years before expiring.

If said person did a tiny bit of research before they bought it they would notice the taken king on disc is cheaper and has all the dlc.

dumahim1541d ago


Yeah, they should complain if they're not getting what is advertised on the package. The game is still up and running. They shouldn't have to do any further research. Other bundles being cheaper is not an excuse to not provide what is on the package. I really doubt there's mention of an expiration date on the box (I could check my copy later).

If the game was 3+ years old or possibly already shut down, I could understand a buyer beware kind of thing, but this is not right.

CrunchyToadRoll1539d ago

Update 2.0...that 20GB download that happened a week before TTk release WAS The Taken King. You never had the content in vanilla. Sry

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Dreggs1542d ago

The fact of the matter is people don’t have access to the content they’ve paid for.

What if they have no inclination to buy The Taken King? Does that mean they shouldn’t be able to redeem the codes for the two expansions they have paid for? It’s a shitty move by Bungie and/or Activision, end of.

All you idiots saying that the content comes with The Taken King anyway; who cares? You should still be able to redeem codes for the other content when it’s still available on the store to purchase. Wouldn’t it make it cheaper to buy The Taken King content as well, it the other two DLC’s were already purchased?

kayoss1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

The problem with this is, if you only want the two previous DLC's without the TTK, you're still locked out of a lot of content. Contents such as Nightfall, daily heroic, weekly heroic. These activities existed with the previous DLC's but now that TTK is out and you want to play these activities, youre forced to get TTK. These are now only available for people who have TTK. So people without TTK, will only get to play story missions.

This to me is not a good move by bungie.

Morgue1541d ago

While that it is kinda annoying. I'm pretty sure that the majority of codes released with physical copies of games have expiration dates.