20 Minutes of Dark Souls III PS4 Gameplay Show Magic in Action and Lots of Nasty Deaths

A large chunk of gameplay of Dark Souls III, showing soul magic and more.

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OB1Biker1124d ago

Nice and some good laugh there :)

Sashamaz1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa seriously I have killed someone

burza19821124d ago

Even in character movements this looks like Bloodborne

spicelicka1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Well that's not problem.

chaos9991124d ago

I had to turn off the volume. That idol was tremendous

Looks a Lot like Bloodborne.
Even the spear animation attack

bicfitness1124d ago

He's a terrible player, too. Like overly spastic and timid. Couldn't finish watching the video.

sinspirit1124d ago

The guy that was showing demo footage and explaining the new features for MGSV:TPP. He was really good and straight to the point. He needs to demo games for all the companies the same way.

RedDeadLB1124d ago

Aaaaah, the quality of the video. It's hurting my eeeeeyes

shloobmm31124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

From Software use to be a great dev but that hey become a one trick pony. What happened to all that talent for making amazing games that were varied. Enough Souls games bring back Otogi( i know it has a souls look sometimes....but it plays very different and has destructible enviroments)!!!!

sinspirit1124d ago

I want a modern King's Field. But, these games are very solid and do provide a good amount of areas and additional content in each release. DS3 definitely has a huge improvement coming.

I know they have released a bunch of these Souls games and BB. But, they have really had nothing but fantastic deliveries with each one. I don't think as long as they have proper inspiration for a new game and what to evolve that they should leave it. But, maybe just one new IP after DS3, maybe another BB, but hopefully another new and unique take on their style. I do think King's Field would be a great idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.