Launched on Tuesday, ‘Destiny: The Taken King’ is crowned No1 this week - UK Charts

The first boxed expansion for Activision’s Destiny debuts at No.1 in the UK, according to data from GfK Chart-Track. This is the publisher’s first time at the top spot since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in Week Six of this year.

The PlayStation 4 SKU took the lion’s share of sales, claiming 57 per cent of all boxed software for the game – unsurprising given PlayStation’s partnership with Activision for the online shooter.

Meanwhile the Xbox One SKU claimed 34 per cent, the 360 version took seven per cent and the PS3 edition made up two per cent.

There are new games in second and third place, too. Forza Motorsport 6 debuts at No.2, while Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 starts life in the charts at No.3.

Last week’s No.1, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, falls to fourth place with a 54 per cent decline in sales, while previous fourth place holder Mad Max drops to No.5 as sales dip 45 per cent.

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Geobros1545d ago

Great start for TTK! Forza did well too.

NewMonday1545d ago

- amazingly LITTLEBIGPLANET 3 still makes the charts after a year from release, slow but steady, games don't have to sell everything day 1 if they are unique they will have a strong shelf life.

- UNTIL DAWN still up there with the big boys after 3 weeks, a win for adventure style games.

- Forza6 has a very strong start, congrats

freshslicepizza1544d ago

from the article,
"The PS4 version claims a 57% share, Xbox One 34%, Xbox 360 7% and PS3 2%."

perhaps the media should be putting more pressure on bungie as to why they still don't have the game on the pc. why go through all that trouble making it for the much harder to develop ps3 system which accounts for only 2% of sales when it's likely far less challenging to make on the pc and would be the perfect fit?

Eonjay1544d ago

Actually sources are saying that its the worst performing Forza ever in the UK anyway. Something about Microsoft's approach with this game reminds me of Madden. Imagine if Madden just took one year off. Just one.

NewMonday1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


is that so? downside to annualized franchises I guess, you actually end up losing costumers more than gaining.

raggy-rocket1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

As an Xbox owner, I'm immensely happy to see Until Dawn doing well. After watching the whole game played through, I know it's a bold statement but it's my favorite horror game to date. Perfect balance between clicking buttons and watching the scenes. The controller motion was done in a way that wasn't gimicky. Dialogue was great, story was great, animation was great. Wasn't as scary watching others do it, but I could tell playing the game myself would be a much better experience.

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DragonDDark1545d ago

Am I the only one who didn't buy TTK? lol

Majin-vegeta1545d ago

Nope same here.gonna wait for a sale.

swice1544d ago

Were you a day-one player for Destiny? Does TKK still interest you if you were?
Because, personally, I can't bring myself to buy this after the middle finger was given to us.

Looks like I'm waiting for Destiny 2.

1545d ago Replies(1)
TheSaint1544d ago

No, charging UK £40 and USA $40 was a joke. Yet clearly lots fell for it.

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cfc831545d ago

Bad day for gamers. Get rewarded for witholding content from a game, by scoring a number 1 hit when releasing it as an expansion.

Ricegum1545d ago

Withholding content? Do you know how big Destiny is now? I just picked up the game and all of the DLC for £40 so that's not really terrible now is it.

Majin-vegeta1545d ago

I think he was talking about day 1 when Destiny came out last year.

swice1544d ago

How much money did you spend on the game before buying it for $40?

If you say zero, then you really don't know how we feel about it.

ninsigma1545d ago

Great news! Ttk has been excellent thus far. The amount of end game content is almost overwhelming and my God the drop rate is head and shoulders above what it used to be. I hope they see this achievement and realise that this is what we want from the expansions going forward. Packed full with content that is worth the money.

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