‘Super Mario Sunshine’ - A disappointing entry in the popular Nintendo series

Popoptiq: Nintendo took a huge gamble launching the GameCube in 2001 without a Super Mario game. Instead, they shifted the spotlight over to Mario’s younger brother Luigi and released the system with a brand new series. That of course, was Luigi’s Mansion, a game that marked Luigi’s first starring role and one of the best games released on the Gamecube. Super Mario Sunshine arrived the following year in 2002, six years after Nintendo stunned the world with Super Mario 64. On its own merits, Super Mario Sunshine is a fun game with some great levels, but it just wasn’t enough to satisfy fans who waited so long for a follow-up to one of the greatest games ever made. It wasn’t even enough to outdo the superior Luigi’s Mansion released a year earlier. Super Mario Sunshine was a disappointment, and nearly 15 years after its release, it’s easy to see why.

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