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Move over Madden 16, Tecmo Bowl is back and stealing the NFL spotlight

1989 wasn't just an amazing year because that's when this writer was born. It's an also amazing year because that's when Tecmo Bowl received its home console release on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Boasting an impressive roster from the 1988 NFL season, players could now run the field as star players such as Bo Jackson or play defensively with the likes of Lawrence Taylor. The most impressive aspect of Tecmo Bowl was how it was able to overcome the technical limitations of the then-aging NES. 9 players on each side of the field, choosing from 4 different styles of plays (2 runs and 2 plays), utilizing a hidden stat feature from each team based on their players and playbook in real life - this football game really pushed the limits.

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GoPanthers9991781d ago

LOL, I read this article only, because it mentioned historical player names, only to find out that the game does not have the NFL license. It's a shame, we loved this game back when I was in college, but I want the NFL license also.