Best Buy advertising FFVII for the PlayStation 3

Either someone at Best Buy is getting fired or Square Enix has kept this announcement so far under wraps that not even their own company knew about it. Over this past weekend, photos have been circulating on the internet that have displayed the release of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 3 come August 16 of 2008.

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metalhead4321d ago

I dont believe this will happen at all but If it does then Square was developing a remake right under our noses the whole time.

4321d ago
antoinetm4321d ago

Shouldn't you be at school learning multiplications?

Alexander Roy4321d ago

Can someone please put yankeespawn back in the Open Zone? So much stupidity gives me a headache.

Panthers4321d ago

FF7 is def one of the best games of all time. Western RPGs are crap because they always lack in story. The main character is never interesting and that is usually because you can create/customize your main character. Sounds good, but not for an RPG. The main character needs to have a strong story. Clouds story is really good in FF7.

poopsack4321d ago

I love chinese games, especially FFVII, considering its chinese and all. Of course american games are better, especially when they're in totally different genres that cant really be logically compared.

Shane Kim4321d ago

I thought this game was Japanese.

riksweeney4321d ago

It's Japanese, people are just being silly.

shazam4321d ago

this is the ps1 version coming out on psn. duhh

metalhead4321d ago

I love the list I made. Never fails lol

FantasyStar4321d ago

I'd still buy it. Add some tweaks here and there, and you got it!

Doppy4321d ago

Haven't commented on here in a while, but this could be a number of things. It could be a re-release on the PS1 game, it could be Crisis Core being released on PSN, could be a true FF7 remake but I'm sure if it was that Square would have said something about it at the DK13 whatever it was called, or just an awful prank.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4321d ago

They forgot to change the VII to XIII, the release date, and the system lol. I dont think bestbuy advertises PSN releases

Xiru4321d ago

Why would best buy have PSN releases listed....?

iamtehpwn4321d ago

How do you expect Best buy to make money off the PSN release of FFVII...?

Anyway, FFVII-RE will be revealed at TGS, it appears.
Square Enix didn't reveal it at their party because they probably wanted to steal the show at TGS. Japanese companys always focus harder on TGS.

Mclovin964321d ago

LOL at yankeespawn, bubbles.

4321d ago
harv7114320d ago

"FF7 is def one of the best games of all time. Western RPGs are crap because they always lack in story. The main character is never interesting and that is usually because you can create/customize your main character."

You sir have never played Baldur's Gate to make such a statement. While I agree FFVII was a great game, to say that western rpg's have no story is an ignorant statement. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and it's expansion is my favorite game of all time. You have endless dialog trees and there are so many different things that can happen in the game as well as a horde of different ending, which are all tied into the decisions and your behavior while playing.

I loved FFVII, and would pick up a remake on day one. But just because you haven't played a western rpg with a great story, doesn't mean they don't exist!

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theKiller4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

E3 just passed and if SE had something to show would have showed it in E3 and it would have been good opportunity to make it up for sony for FF13 defection

but again its inevitable that FF7 is heading to ps3.

yankeespawn4321d ago

It will be mutliplatform.

Youll see. MS will get all the games for US!

theKiller4321d ago

i will see u in 100 years from now!! in london oxford street at this date and this time, dont back away or u r an xbug!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4321d ago

...xBot Lemmings you still get Madden NFL 09 on the xBox 360!!! ;-D

syanara4321d ago

I wouldn't be so sure sony owned the first FInal Fantasy VII title on the ps1 and ever FFVII title after that has been playstation exclusive like DoC and Crisis Core so I'm not sure but they might still own it and FFVII on the ps3 would probably be exclusive anyways even if sony didn't own final fantasy VII

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Jpinter4321d ago

and the FFVII PS3 rumor lives on!

It's just never going to die until SE actually announces it. lol

yankeespawn4321d ago

No this will be on 360

MS will pay you watch then you will cry? SE will take the money !

Jpinter4321d ago

I know it's coming to Xbox Live. ;)

narindp4321d ago

sony published final fantasy 7 just like microsofr published halo 3 so keep dreaming that final fantasy 7 will come out ever on last generation dvd 9 using unreliable system you call xbox 360

yankeespawn4321d ago

Do you see that fanboys. It says FF7 Remake on 360!

cloud3604321d ago

If this game is PS3 exclsuive it will make me buy a ps3.

i dislike the ps3 and dont want this to be multiplatform or it will suck. It should be exclusive to at least 1 console!

TheHater4321d ago

Do you need glasses?

Final Fantasy VII
PS3 - 08/16/08

You are looking at the Madden XX tag

Old Snake4321d ago

Good if it does. The game is amazing and should be played by as many people as possible